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How to Remove Gelous Gel Nail Polish Quickly & Easily

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Can I remove Gelous Gel Nail Polish without damaging my nails?

When the time comes to remove your Gel Nail Polish, we want assure you, you can do it safely and without damaging your precious nails. The removal process is never as rewarding as the application, however it is just as important! Your next gel manicure will always look a tonne better if your previous one was removed correctly. We've included some tips and tricks to make your Gel Nail Polish removal as easy as can be!

What tools do I need to remove a Gelous gel manicure?

Your gel manicure removal must-haves are a 100/180 Grit Nail File, Lint Free Wipes, Manicure Removal Clips, Orangewood Cuticle Sticks and an acetone-based Nail Polish Remover. Start with a Nail File that hasn’t been overused. We recommend replacing your Nail File every three months or so if you are a regular user. Holding onto it for longer means the buffing plates may be too worn down to remove your Top Coat easily and without damage.

How do I remove Gelous Gel Nail Polish at home?

Buffing off the Top Coat

To get started with your Gel Nail Polish removal, use the rough side of your Nail File to gently buff away the shiny Top Coat. Make sure you get the sides of your nail, as this can be easily missed. Removing a bit of your colour will help too if you applied a few coats. Just be gentle with it, making sure to avoid filing down to the nail.

Soaking off your Gel Nail Polish

To soak your nails, we recommend folding your Lint Free Wipes into squares after soaking them in Nail Polish Remover. This stops the Nail Polish Remover from touching too much of your skin, and ensures the Lint Free Wipes stay nice and moist. Start by clipping on the pinky, ring and middle finger of each hand with the Manicure Removal Clips, then move to the index finger of each hand, and finally the thumbs. The thumbs are the hardest, so if you're struggling to clip them on, we suggest doing one hand at a time, or asking someone for a hand. Press down on each finger after clipping to keep the area air-tight and leave on for 10-20 minutes.

After soaking your Gel Nail Polish

After soaking, your Gel Nail Polish should have some lifting and come off relatively easily with a gentle push with your Orangewood Cuticle Sticks. Push in the direction your nail goes, taking care to avoid pressing into the nail. If there are stubborn bits of Gel Polish that don't lift off, you can gently buff with the fine side of the Nail File. If you struggle to remove the Gel Nail Polish after your soak, give it a light buff then soak a second time. This could be due to not buffing enough the first time around, not having enough Nail Polish Remover on, the Nail Polish Remover drying out, or not soaking for long enough. If you have applied Builder Gel you do not need to completely remove this during your removal process.

Nourishing your nails

Once your removal is complete, wash your hands to remove any residue and finish off with our nourishing Cuticle Oil and Hand Cream. If you’re re-applying straight after the removal, then don’t apply oil or cream until after to avoid any oils hindering your application. Before a new application, make sure to follow the full prep instructions, however take care to only softly buff your nails. If your nails feel a bit sensitive or weak, we advise waiting at least 1-2 weeks before applying again. Take this time to nourish your hands and nails with our Cuticle Oil and Hand Cream and your nails will be strong and gorgeous in no time.

Can I re-apply Gelous Gel Nail Polish immediately after my Gel Nail Polish removal?

If you’re re-applying straight after removing, then you should avoid applying Cuticle Oil or Hand Cream until after your new gel mani. For your new gel nails application, follow all the standard instructions, but make care to only softly buff your nails with the Nail File during your preparation. If there is some sensitivity with your nails, we suggest waiting at least 1-2 weeks before re-applying your Gel Polish. Take this time to strengthen and nourish your hands and nails with our Cuticle Oil and Hand Cream.

We hope these tips have provided a little more guidance in removing your Gel Nail Polish easily and effectively. If visual learning is more your thing, make sure to check out our Removal Tutorials on YouTube.

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