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How Do You Apply Gelous Gel Nail Polish At Home?

  • 5 min read

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh manicure. But what’s even better? Getting that fresh gel mani right from the comfort of your own home – no expensive salon appointments, schedule juggling, traffic hassles or parking woes required.

With Gelous’ extensive range of at-home gel nail products, you can create salon-worthy manicures, anytime, anywhere. Read on to discover just how easy it is to create a flawless DIY gel manicure, as we uncover our top tips and tricks for the perfect Gelous Gel Nail Polish application.

Gelous Dolly Gel Nail Polish Application - photographed in United States on model

How do you prepare your nails for a Gelous gel manicure?

If you find your nails bend or break easily, we suggest taking some time to first give them a bit of TLC. Keeping your nails in good condition is key, and excessive bending and flexing can also cause the Gel Nail Polish to peel away. This is easily taken care by applying our ORLY Nail Defense and Cuticle Oil, this will strengthen and nourish your nails to get them up to scratch. You’ll want to keep this up until your nails feel noticeably stronger and have minimal bend when you push down on them.

Preparation is incredibly importatnt if you’re after a gel manicure that meets salon quality in both longevity and finish. Before you apply your first layer of Gel Nail Polish, you’ll first need to lightly buff the surface of your nails using the fine side (180-grit) of the Gelous Nail File. Buff your nails in one direction, paying extra attention to the sides of your nails and near your cuticles as these are often the areas that will lift first if not buffed sufficiently. Once fully buffed, the surface of your nail should look dull, rather than shiny. This step is crucial as you are 'roughing up' the area that the Gel Nail Polish is going to stick to, this helps the polish to grip to your nails and ensures a long-lasting gel manicure.

After your nails have been thoroughly buffed and prepped, it’s time to give them a good clean to remove anything left on the nail. Dust and oil have got to go! Give your nails a quick dust off using the Gelous Dust Brush, before moistening a Lint Free Wipe with Nail Polish Remover, cleaning the top of the nails, around the cuticles, sides and underneath of your nails. This is to ensure that there’s nothing left that could hinder a smooth application of your Gel Nail Polish. Removing the residue on your nails can make an amazing difference!

How long does Gelous Gel Nail Polish take to dry?

With Gelous Gel Nail Polish, the drying process looks a little different compared to regular polish. Instead of traditional air drying, you’ll cure each coat under the Gelous UV/LED Lamp for 60 seconds. Once your final coat is cured, your nails will emerge rock-hard and perfectly dry. Gone are the days of accidentally smudging your nails just after you've painting them–with Gelous Gel Nail Polish that's all in the past!

Unlike your final Top Coat layer, your Base Coat, Builder Gel and Colour Coat layers will remain slightly sticky after curing to ensure the following layer adheres properly. After your final coat is cured, you’re all set. You’ll have a high-shine manicure that lasts 2+ weeks. No smudging around here.

How do you apply Gelous Gel Nail Polish?

First, get stared by setting up your manicure station in a comfortable, clean space away from pets. You don't want any hairs or pesky lint from sticking to your UV/LED Gel Nail Polish! When it comes to applying each coat of your Gel Nail Polish, begin slightly above your cuticle and gently ‘push’ the Gel Polish towards it, leaving a small gap between the polish and the cuticle. Next, smoothly pull one stroke up the centre, one up each side, and finally ‘cap’ the free edge of the nail by running the brush horizontally over the tip. It’s essential you apply thin, even coats of Gel Nail Polish, as this ensures proper curing and minimises the risk of chipping or peeling. Take special care to avoid getting any Gel Nail Polish on your skin or cuticles, however if you do, simply remove it before curing using an Orangewood Cuticle Stick, Lint-Free Wipe or Nail Art Brush dipped in Nail Polish Remover.

Begin application with a coat of Nail Primer, and leave to air dry for 60 seconds. Next, apply your Base Coat, then cure for 60 seconds by placing your hand in the UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp. If you find your nails struggle with issues like splitting, flaking, thinness, or brittleness, you should opt for our Rubber Base Coat instead of our regular Base Coat. This variation creates a thicker, more even surface for your Gel Polish to more effectively bond to, and comes in four different shades to perfectly match your vibe. For those without naturally thick and strong nails, a layer or two of Builder Gel should follow, with a 60-second cure time under the UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp for each coat. Builder Gel is amazing for adding strength, and for reducing the likelihood of your nails bending and breaking. That's a big win from us!

Follow this up by applying your Gelous Colour Coat. We recommend 2-3 thin coats of your Colour Coat for the best coverage, curing after each coat for 60 seconds using the Gelous UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp. Complete your manicure with a Top Coat of your choice, finishing with a final 60-second cure. We have a broad selection of Top Coat options, such as Glossy, Matte, Shimmer, Rubber and Glow in the Dark, so you can finish your gel manicure with the perfect, personalised touch.

One of the perks of Gel Nail Polish is it will only dry when placed under the UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp, so keep in mind you can ensure each layer of your Gel Nail Polish is perfect before curing!


Watch our step-by-step YouTube tutorial on How To Apply Gelous Gel Nail Polish.

How should I properly care for my nails after a Gelous gel manicure?

We can't stress it enough, aftercare is key for getting the most out of your manicures. It's essential you keep up regular application of our Cuticle Oil along with a high-quality hand cream, you’ll replenish, nourish and strengthen your nails to stimulate healthy nail growth and extend the longevity of your mani. Take care to also protect your manicure by avoiding the likes of dishwashing, using cleaning products without gloves, or using your nails as tools. These can compromise the durability of your manicure and wreak havoc with its beautiful smooth, shiny appearance. Remember, a consistent post-care routine makes a massive difference in taking your at-home gel manicure from good to great, so keep these nurturing tips in mind for a beautiful, salon-quality gel mani that’ll look its best for longer.

With these handy tips, you’ll be well on your way to confidently creating salon-quality gel manicures – all from the cosy comforts of your own home. We’d love to see your beautiful DIY manis, share your Gelous creations with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging us!

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