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Why is Gelous Gel Nail Polish a Good DIY Gel Manicure Brand?

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If salon-quality DIY gel manicures are your goal, Gelous Gel Nail Polish is the superior solution. The ultimate brand for flawless at-home manis, let’s unpack what makes Gelous such a go-to.

Gelous Very Berry Gel Nail Polish - photographed in Canada on model

First things first, what is Gelous Gel Nail Polish?

Gelous is well-known for its popular vegan, cruelty-free, and 10-free (non-toxic) UV/LED Gel Nail Polish range, allowing you to effortlessly create salon-quality gel manicures from your own home. High-quality and affordable, Gelous' products are kind to your nails, your wallet, and the planet.

As New Zealand’s first DIY Gel Nail Polish company, we’ve been perfecting the art of at-home beauty since day one. Our Gel Nail Polish paints on just like traditional nail polish but lasts over two weeks without peeling, fading or chipping. No need to wait for your nails to dry or live in fear that you'll smudge them - they’re hard and perfectly dry once cured under the Gelous UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp. Compared to a regular mani, a Gelous gel manicure lasts longer, feels stronger, and shines like nobody’s business. We take the salon out of the equation, allowing lasting beauty to meet DIY simplicity.

What are the benefits of Gelous Gel Nail Polish?

Long-Lasting & Fast Drying

Gelous Gel Nail Polish applies just as easy as ordinary nail polish, but lasts far longer and dries significantly faster. Instead of waving your hands around in an effort to fast-track the process, each coat will dry in a mere 60 seconds, leaving you with a high-shine manicure that'll last for 2+ weeks.

Once you’ve applied the final Top Coat layer and cured it under the Gelous UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp, your nails will emerge hard and perfectly dry. The result? A long-lasting manicure, free from any bumps, lumps, smudges or chips. Unlike regular nail polish, your Gel Nail Polish will set only once cured under the Gel Nail Lamp - no air drying around here!

Cost-Effective and Money-Saving

Investing in your Gelous Gel Nail Polish Kit may initially feel pricey, but trust us, once you own it, it's a huge long-term win. Our customers are obsessed with the money they're saving on trips to the salon and adore the convenience of being able to change up their manicures whenever it suits. With annual savings of over $1000 when compared to salon prices, it’s impossible to ignore the cost-saving benefits that Gelous brings. Discover how Gelous’ at-home gel nails can save you thousands by diving deeper into our blog.

Extensive Range

With over 300 Gel Nail Polishes that span the full spectrum of colour, finish and function, Gelous has everything you need to create truly stunning manicures. A one-stop-shop for all your at-home gel nail needs, our ever-expanding selection of UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp Packs, Gel Manicure Accessories, Gel Manicure Tools, Chrome Powders, Nail Art Tools, and Nail Art Decals ensures you’ll forever be spoiled for choice and free to let your creativity shine.

Free from Harmful Ingredients

Keeping it clean is in our ethos, so we say no to nasties. Our Gel Nail Polish is 10-free, meaning it’s free from Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phalate (DBP), Toulene, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Parabens, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, Triphenyl Phosphate and Tert-Butyl Hydroperoxide, plus absolutely no animal-derived ingredients or animal testing. We're committed to both our customers and the planet here at Gelous. That’s why we're focused on providing products that are not only safe but also ethically crafted, so you can feel confident with every stroke of polish.

Boosts Confidence

There’s something truly empowering about having beautiful nails. It’s not just about the aesthetics; it’s how they make you feel. A stunning mani instantly boosts your confidence, leaving you radiating positive energy and exuding an aura of uninterrupted composure, even when the chaos of everyday life threatens to get in the way. And the best part? Unlike a fleeting blowout or trendy dress, a Gelous DIY manicure stays with you for weeks.

Nurtures Self-Care

It’s not just the self-esteem boost that comes with a fresh manicure that we love. In our fast-paced lives, a self-care ritual is crucial for staying grounded and present. Taking out the time to create a gorgeous manicure is far more than just pampering yourself, it’s a chance to rest and recharge, leaving you ready to take on the world - even if it is one moment at a time.

Does Gelous have good customer service? 

With a close-knit team, excellent customer service is at the core of what we do and we pride ourselves on offering the best service possible. As our product is tailored to the DIY Gel Nail Polish user, our efforts revolve around making things totally seamless for you. Direct, easy-to-understand instructions, comprehensive FAQs and informative blogs are part of our commitment, and we’re always swift in addressing any customer service queries that may pop up.

If our website doesn't provide you with the answer you need, you can reach us through email, live chat, or phone. Customer service emails are responded to by the end of each business day, and we aim to promptly resolve any issues that arise. We understand the importance in receiving your items asap, so we’re all about quick processing and shipping. Transparency is important to us, so you'll find clear shipping information and returns information throughout our website.

Creating content for you to enjoy and learn from is one thing we truly love to do. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube for all the insider info and inspo, and join our thriving Facebook Community Group, where our customers share their manicures, talk techniques, offer advice and spark inspiration. Nothing brings us more happiness than seeing your creations, so be sure to tag us on social media!

How do you buy Gelous Gel Nail Polish?

Gelous Gel Nail Polish Packaging - photographed in Canada on model

Our website has got you covered with its unrivalled convenience for customers near and far. From the comfort of your own home, effortlessly browse our entire range and have your favourite products delivered right to your door. Have a question, need some advice or could do with a recommendation? Reach out to the team for some personalised assistance, we're happy to help! 

We offer a variety of buy now, pay later methods including Afterpay and Klarna, as well as the usual credit card and debit card options. Our shipping methods are outlined on our Shipping Page, however, Gelous offers free worldwide shipping on all orders over $150. When you shop online, you'll receive regular updates from the moment your courier collects your order to its hotly-anticipated doorstep delivery. So, kick back, relax, and get ready to flaunt those freshly painted beauties.

Is Gelous Gel Nail Polish good? 

Gelous Gel Nail Polish is the top pick for creating long-lasting, salon-quality gel manicures at home. The non-toxic, vegan formula effortlessly glides on just like traditional polish, but once your Top Coat is cured, it becomes impeccably hard and dry for a high-shine manicure that lasts 2+ weeks. Easy to apply and remove, you’ll save thousands of dollars on nail appointments, but don’t just take our word for it - read the endless glowing reviews on our website, Facebook and Google and see the Gelous difference for yourself!

"All of the colours are gorgeous and last really well. Any issues are sorted super quickly by the lovely Gelous team, and the community on facebook is super lovely too!"
- Danielle

"Such fast and friendly service. The colour range is beautiful and the polishes are so easy to apply and wear so well. Have recommended to many friends who comment on how great my nails look. I keep coming back to stock up on every colour."
- Patty

"I was sick of paying for gel manicures that wouldn’t even last for a week. I am so glad I bought this kit, its already paid for itself. I have given myself three manis and a pedi so far and they last so long and are super easy and convenient to do at home. I will definitely be purchasing more colours. Highly recommend this product."
- Jessica

"I bought the Gelous kit because I realised I was spending so much money getting my nails done 2-3 times a month! Its taken me a good few tries to get a nice and tidy looking manicure, but now I'm really pleased with the results. My friends have even been asking me to do their nails!"
- Sharon

"The gel nail lamp, and the gel polishes give you a salon-like manicure/pedicure. Being able to do my own manicures at home is a life changer and saves me so much time and money! There’s also a great range of colours to choose from. Highly recommend this product, as it’s extremely affordable and performs on par with gel nail products and lamps that cost hundreds."
- Tisha

"I have completely fallen in love with doing my own nails and slowly growing my collection of colours and stickers. I only ever had my nails done for a special occasion yet now I can have a new colour as often as I like! They last so well for me and my hands get a pretty hard time! I'm no professional either but they always come out so nice! I'm very happy with my new addiction."
- Paula

"I've had gel polish applied by professionals that haven't lasted so was hesitant to try Gelous but am so glad I have because the quality has blown me away. I'm so hard on my nails due to my line of work, and this polish doesn't chip, crack or scratch like other brands have. It's so hard wearing you could easily wear it for longer than 2 weeks, except my nails grow so fast that you can tell. Great product and lovely service!"
- Julie

"Great products, love the colours I have so far purchased. What you see is what you get. Easy website to use and navigate. Love that I always receive my products quickly."
- Suzie

"Delivery is always fast with great packaging - all hand wrapped to look gorgeous. This product has been the best I have used and the first I have not been allergic to. There is a great colour selection and I get amazing wear out of each colour. I am definitely addicted to these polishes and I am always recommending to friends and colleagues."
- Stephanie

Gelous Gel Nail Polish offers the complete package for achieving salon-quality gel manicures from the comfort of your own home. Your path to flawless, long-lasting nails starts here!

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