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How Do You Use Gelous Builder Gel?

  • 5 min read

Keen for a stronger, longer-lasting gel manicure? Enter Builder Gel. The powerful polish loved by thousands that prolongs the life of your manicure and promotes nail growth, all in one. Read on to learn the ins and outs of how to use Gelous Builder Gel, as we walk you through each step and share our top tips for a seamless application.

Gelous Builder Gels - photographed in the United Kingdom on model

What is Builder Gel?

Builder Gel is the game-changing solution for bringing strength to your gel manicures. Unlike regular Gel Nail Polishes, Builder Gel offers a thicker consistency and harder finish, providing your nails with the ultimate protection against bending or breaking. This grand polish not only boosts the longevity of your manicures, but also supports the natural strength and growth of your nails - it’s a complete win-win. If your gel manicures aren’t lasting as long as you’d like due to the tips of your nails bending, snapping, or breaking, then Builder Gel is perfect for you!

How do you use Gelous Builder Gel?

Applying Builder Gel

Builder Gel takes its rightful place in your nail routine after applying Base Coat, creating a smooth, strong layer before adding your Colour Coat and Top Coat. With its thick consistency, it’s wise to wipe your brush against the bottle’s rim first, then paint 1-2 thin coats, curing after each coat just as you do with your regular Gel Nail Polish. Pay special attention when applying Builder Gel near your cuticle to leave a small gap, this helps to prevent any flooding of the nail bed. If you find your Builder Gel is looking slightly bulky or uneven on the nail tip after curing, don't worry - simply moisten a Lint Free Wipe with Nail Polish Remover, wipe the nail and file it down for a flawless finish. If nail art is next on your list, you should also wipe nail down in the same manner. This step removes the sticky inhibition layer, providing you with an immaculately smooth canvas to paint on.

Removing Builder Gel

When it’s time to take off your gel manicure, it’s important to remember you don’t have to entirely remove Builder Gel unless you notice it’s lifting. Builder Gel is thicker and more durable than other Gel Nail Polishes, so it often won’t completely come off during regular removal. Once you’ve successfully removed all your coloured Gel Nail Polish, you should then use the fine side of the Gelous Nail File to softly smooth out any remaining Builder Gel. If you wish to remove your Builder Gel fully, you will likely need to soak your nails for a further 10 minutes or so after removing your coloured polish. This extra soaking time will help to loosen up the Builder Gel for easier removal.

Infilling Builder Gel

When you’re all set reapplication, begin with your usual nail preparation, then apply Base Coat and cure. It’s then time to backfill your Builder Gel. Start close to the cuticle area, gently pushing the Builder towards the cuticle while leaving a small gap to curb any overflow. Continue by pulling strokes up to the tip of your nail, cap the free edge, and leave uncured - this creates a ‘slip layer’ which serves as a guide for the subsequent layer. Next, dab a small bead of Builder Gel onto your nail and guide it gently toward the cuticle area. With a left-to-right motion, work the Builder Gel up the nail, thinning towards the tip, and cap the free edge. It’s a smart idea to use a Thin Nail Art Brush to pull some bulk towards the tip, this will clean up your application and eliminate any lumps or bumps. Finish by flipping your hand upside down to help create a natural apex on the nail, cure for 60 seconds, and follow with your colour coat.


Watch our step-by-step YouTube tutorial on How to Backfill Builder Gel & Create an Apex.

Does Gelous Builder Gel help nails grow?

Builder Gel is an incredible tool for boosting nail growth. Its strength and rigidity limit your nails from bending and breaking, promoting not only the growth of your natural nails but also extending the longevity of your manicure. Additionally, since there’s no need to fully remove Builder Gel, this protective layer stays put, keeping your nails strong and less likely to break between gel manicures.

Is Gelous Builder Gel good? 

Without a doubt, Builder Gel is a game-changing addition to your gel manicure. It raises the bar with a whole new level of strength, thickness and longevity to totally transform your mani. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the glowing reviews for our Builder Gel and let the results speak for themselves!

“I have very thin and weak nails, and have never had a manicure last for longer than 1-2 weeks due to chipping and nail breakage (including from a nail salon). This is my first time using this product and it’s almost been a MONTH since I applied it, and all nails are still going strong. I can confidently say my nails have never been able to grow this long without breaking. People with weak nails NEED THIS.”
- Emma

“This has made my manicure last 4 weeks with no chips and has strengthened my nails so much. No more flaking, chipping or cracking and it is a lovely natural colour.”
- Bianca

“I just finished my first bottle of builder gel and now I can’t do my nails without it! I find my nails no longer chip or peel at all and I haven’t had a broken nail since I started using it. The pink is also a really nice colour as a base if I want to do small details on the nail or just do the tips.”
- Vanessa

“I’ve been using the builder gel for about 2 months and my nails have never been longer. It’s an amazing product and has really exceeded my expectations.”
- Alyia

"Wow! This Builder is fantastic! As an ex nail tech it is one I can highly recommend. I have been using it on myself and clients and can’t fault it. One client is a cleaner - her hands are in and out gloves, water and cleaning products. They have always chipped after a couple of days and with Builder Gel they have done the test of toughness and lasted a a couple weeks without chipping. My nails personally have not been this long in years! I am very rough on my hands and they are just standing the test of workouts, cleaning and my busy life."
- Dana

For longer-lasting gel manicures, and stronger nails that resist breaks and foster healthy growth, Builder Gel is the ultimate go-to. Try it today with one of our four best-selling shades and experience the difference it makes to your mani!

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