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Striping Tapes

Nail Transfers, Nail Stickers, Striping Tape & Nail Art - America, Europe & Asia

Compliment your long-lasting gel manicure with some nail art! Whether you want to paint your own nail art creation using our Nail Art Brushes, or use our fuss free selection of Nail Art Stickers, Nail Art Transfers and Striping Tapes, we've got you covered.

Nail Art Stickers are easy to use, self-adhesive and have a bright, bold finish. Our range of Nail Stickers includes Hearts Nail Art Stickers, Daisies Nail Art Stickers, Snakes Nail Art Stickers, Butterflies Nail Art Stickers, Moon Nail Art Stickers, Star Nail Art Stickers, Floral Nail Art Stickers, Alien Nail Art Stickers, Planet Nail Art Stickers, Space Nail Art Stickers, Smiley Face Nail Art Stickers, Clouds Nail Art Stickers, Strawberry Nail Art Stickers, Fruit Nail Art Stickers and Rainbow Nail Art Stickers - available in silver, gold, black, white and various colours.

Nail Art Transfers add minimal thickness to your gel manicure and come in a variety of beautiful designs. We have a huge selection of Nail Transfers, including Flower Nail Art Transfers, Butterfly Nail Art Transfers, Space Nail Art Transfers, Moon Nail Art Transfers, Sun Nail Art Transfers, Feather Nail Art Transfers, Roses Nail Art Transfers, Star Nail Art Transfers, Leaf Nail Art Transfers, Mandala Nail Art Transfers and Henna Nail Art Transfers - available in silver, gold, black, white and various colours.

Striping Tape can be applied in a multitude of ways to create stunning designs ranging in complexity. Our range of metallic and holographic Striping Tapes includes Black Striping Tape, Silver Striping Tape, Rainbow Glass Striping Tape, Gold Striping Tape, Champagne Striping Tape, White Striping Tape, Copper Striping Tape, Gunmetal Striping Tape, Pink Striping Tape, Purple Striping Tape, Blue Striping Tape, Red Striping Tape, Green Striping Tape and Cinnamon Striping Tape.

When you're feeling creative, the best way to get totally unique gel nail art is to paint your own! Get started with our Nail Art Tools, including Nail Art Brushes, Resin Nail Art Palettes, Swatch Sticks and Swatch Wheels. For a classic nail art look, you can't go past a French Manicure. Paint French Nails flawlessly every time with our French Nail Tip Guides.

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