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Products for the Professionals - Gel Manicure Products We Don't Sell

  • 3 min read

Let's get into why we don't sell professional products, including Poly Gel, Nail Extension Forms and E-Files / Nail Drills. We believe you don't need to visit a salon to have a long-lasting gel manicure, however there are some manicure products best left to the professionals.

Why don't we sell Builder Gel Nail Extension Forms or Poly Gel?

As our products have been designed for the at-home user, we don't offer products such as Poly Gel and Nail extensions (nail tips) using Builder Gel forms. We believe these products should remain for professional use only, as the results can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Forming nail extensions is not as easy as applying regular Gel Nail Polish and without training, it is easy to make potentially dangerous mistakes. When using a form or applying Poly Gel, it is easy to apply product too thick, causing flooding around your cuticles and product to overflow onto your skin. This can cause long term skin irritations and over-filing when being removed. Not only can the results be dangerous, but also unsightly, as there are also a lot of elements that go into creating a beautiful extension that are easy for someone who is untrained to get wrong.

Never fear though - with the right products, you can still grow strong, long and natural nails. For ultimate strength and longevity in your gel manicure, use Rubber Base Coat instead of regular Base Coat, followed by one or two coats of Builder Gel. In addition, regular applications of Cuticle Oil and other Hand & Nail Treatments will help your nails to grow long, strong and healthy. Removing your Gel Nail Polish correctly is also incredibly important in preserving your natural nails and keep them healthy. That means peeling off your Gel Nail Polish is a definite no-no, as this removes layers of the natural nails, leaving them weak and brittle.

Why don’t we sell pure Acetone?

Acetone in its pure form can be very dangerous and damaging to your skin. It's recommended for non-professionals to use at a lower percentage combined with soothing ingredients, such as in our Nail Polish Removers. The harshness of Acetone means it will dehydrate the nail bed and cuticles causing your nails to become dry and brittle. In additional, this chemical can cause headaches, nausea and dizziness. Acetone is a requirement within removers for removing Gel Nail Polish, however it’s much safer and healthier in lower percentages and when combined with nourishing ingredients such as Green Tea, Peach Extract and Eucalyptus. There’s no need to subject your poor skin and nails to such a harsh chemical when you can use an effective Nail Polish Remover that has lower levels of Acetone!

Why don’t we sell E-Files / Nail Drills?

E-files are a fast and effective tool when operated by a trained professional, however there is a lot that can go wrong if you haven't been trained. They might sound easy to use, but using an E-File safely is quite a skill to master. Without training you can make any number of mistakes, such as using the incorrect grit, using the incorrect speed, using too much pressure, burning your cuticles or digging into your nails - any of which can not only cause pain, but also cause irreversible damage to your nails, skin or cuticles.

It is completely unnecessary to take the risk of using an E-File without training to remove soft gels, such as our Gel Nail Polish. Any products (such as Poly Gel) that requires an E-File to remove them should be left to the professionals. Our 100/180 Grit Nail Files, Manicure Removal Clips, Lint Free Wipes, Orangewood Cuticle Sticks and Nail Polish Remover are the perfect tools to remove an at-home Gelous manicure safely. These tools are user friendly with little risk involved, so we urge you to stick with our removal method.

At Gelous we love being able to give you the tools you need to apply and remove beautiful, fun and safe at-home gel manicures. Using a product that requires proper training is just not worth the risk! If you have any questions about our products we are always happy to help - to get in touch you can contact us here.

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