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Gel Nail Polish vs Dipping Powder: Why Gel is the Better Choice

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Wondering what sets Gel Nail Polish apart from dipping powder?

While both options offer a stunning manicure, there are several reasons why Gel Nail Polish stands out as the better choice. From its stress-free application and removal to its unrivalled versatility and kinder formula, Gel Polish takes the crown.

Read on to learn what makes Gel Polish so special over dipping powder, and why it’s worth making the switch for your next manicure.

Gelous Galaxy Fairy Floss gel nail polish - photographed in America on model

What is Gel Nail Polish?

Gel Nail Polish applies just as smooth and freely as regular nail polish but with a slightly different formula. It includes special ingredients that activate under UV light, so once exposed to your UV/LED Lamp for a mere 60 seconds, it hardens and dries into a strong, glossy coating with a one-of-a-kind shine. The result is a durable, yet flexible gel manicure that lasts for 2+ weeks without any peeling, fading or chipping.

Read all you need to know about using UV/LED Lamps for gel manicures.

What is Dipping Powder?

As the name implies, dipping powder is a nail coating that comes in powder form and is applied by dipping the nail directly into the container. Through a mix of nail resin (nail glue), activator and resin top coat, the dipping powder seals to the nails. This is a method that involves several steps, applied layer-by-layer to build a manicure that can last for up to 4 weeks. Whilst dipping powder can provide a longer-lasting manicure, it certainly has its shortfalls. Gel Nail Polish offers a simpler, cleaner and more versatile solution, making it a preferred alternative.

What makes Gel Nail Polish superior to Dipping Powder?

Easy Application

Gelous Vanilla Latte gel nail polish - photographed in America on model

Applying Gel Nail Polish is simple with a straightforward method that can easily be done at home. No hidden challenges or trying techniques, just prepare your nails as usual, apply your base, colour and top coat, and cure each layer under your UV/LED Lamp. The polish paints on the same as regular polish using tools that you’re already familiar with, so you can feel confident from the first coat.

Time-consuming and complex, the dipping powder method involves multiple steps that require plenty of patience. You start by applying a base coat, dipping your finger into the powder at a 45-degree angle, brushing off the excess and repeating the process a number of times until the desired pigment is met. A sealing polish is then applied to activate the powder, before filing and buffing the nails to smooth out the bulkiness left behind. Your dipping manicure is finished by applying a final top coat and is then left to air dry. Say goodbye to all this hassle and frustration with Gel Nail Polish, a simple, more forgiving application process that doesn’t require precise techniques or a long time to create.

Learn how to apply Gelous Gel Nail Polish.


Gelous Summer Flowers gel nail art - photographed in America on model

For a neat and tidy manicure, Gel Nail Polish is the clear choice. The continual process of dipping your fingertips into loose powder and brushing it off leads to a pile of excess powder being left behind every time. While wasteful, it’s also a nuisance to clean. Not to mention, if the base coat isn't applied precisely enough, the powder will stick to these areas and create an undoubtedly messy result.

Gel Nail Polish glides on smoothly, and thanks to its self-levelling formula you won't have to worry about any dips, lumps, or bumps impacting your results. If during application any excess polish smudges onto your finger or cuticle, it can easily be removed before curing with an Orangewood Cuticle Stick, Nail Art Brush or Silicone Tool. For a salon-quality experience that always produces salon-quality results, Gel Nail Polish is the clear winner.

Simple Removal

Gelous Winter Wonderland gel nail polish - photographed in America on model

Removing Gel Nail Polish is a piece of cake compared to dipping powder. To remove, simply file off the shiny top layer, soak Lint Free Wipes in an acetone-based remover and place them on your nails to soften the polish. Only taking 15 minutes for the polish to flake off, you’re then free to gently push it away using an Orangewood Cuticle Stick and begin prep for your next set. If you'd like to fast-track your removal, opt to use Gelous' Express Gel Nail Polish Remover instead. With a simple, brush-on application, this game-changing solution works like magic to lift your Gel Polish in minutes, leaving your nails ready for their next manicure in a flash.

As a result of the multi-layered, thick nature of dipping powder and its super-glue-like components, it becomes far more difficult to remove, requiring a longer soak time with methods that are harsher on your hands and nails. After filing off the top layer, you will then need to soak the nails directly in acetone to loosen the dip manicure. As acetone is known to be dehydrating, longer soaks and full submersion can lead to thin, weak and brittle nails. A removal that is gentler on the nail plate is always going to be the way to go.

Improper removal of both Gel Nail Polish and dipping powder has the potential to damage your nails, so make certain to follow instructions and stay on top of aftercare, such as applying Hand Cream and Cuticle Oil daily. Learn how to remove Gelous Gel Nail Polish.


Gelous Hippie Trail gel nail art - photographed in America on model

Gel Nail Polish offers a wider range of options when it comes to colours, finishes and the final look of your manicure - giving you the freedom to transform your look whenever you want. Dipping powder is far less versatile, with a limited range of opaque shades and basic glitters, paired with a heavier look and feel. Why would you limit yourself when you could have it all?

From neutrals through to neons, and high-gloss finishes to Matte Top Coats, there is infinite potential with Gel Polish. Add some radiance with a Glitter or Metallic Gel Nail Polish, a touch of elegance with a Sheer Shade, or experiment with a Special Finish Polish to create a unique, standout look with the likes of a tortoiseshell, galaxy or marble effect. Or, why not unleash your creativity by trying your hand at nail art, completely customising your manicure with the help of a step-by-step Video Tutorial? Whether you aspire to keep it simple or make a statement, Gel Nail Polish has got you covered for every style, mood and occasion.

Experience Gelous’ full range of over 300 Gel Nail Polishes and never settle for less again.

Kind To You

Gelous P.S. Olive You gel nail polish - photographed in America on model

Picking products that are kind to you is essential for your manicures to stay as fun as they’re intended. When it comes to dipping powder there are a number of worries, one being that powder jars can become breeding grounds bacteria and other germs after use. Sharing the powder jars with others increases the risk of infection as the bacteria can easily be spread from one person to the next. In contrast, Gel Nail Polish is formulated to restrict the growth of microbes, so you can rest easy knowing there’s no cause for concern.

Whilst the durability of a dip manicure seems desirable, it can be a detriment to your nail health. Such a long-lasting coating can obscure any issues lying under your nails and makes it tough to check for any damage. Gel Nail Polish allows you to monitor and maintain the health of your nails with ease, so you can continue to enjoy stunning, long-lasting manicures for years to come.

At Gelous, we keep it clean with high-quality yet affordable products that are proudly cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic - so you can trust your manicure to be kind to you, your wallet, and the planet.

Signature Shine

Gelous Darkest Forest gel nail polish - photographed in America on model

Gel Nail Polish is famous for its exceptional finish, delivering a signature shine and glowing gloss that is unmatched by other nail coatings. The fine pigment suspended in the gel formula produces an even-toned colour, unlike dipping powders, which are known to suffer from issues like pigment dots, fading and inconsistent shades - particularly in lower-quality brands. With Gelous Gel Nail Polish, you can bank on a brighter, shinier and more consistent result, with a final finish that you can wear with pride. It’s no surprise that Gel Nail Polish is the go-to choice for a professional-looking manicure.

Gel Nail Polish is the standout choice for flawless, glossy nails that are sure to shine the brightest. Its easy application and removal, paired with its superior finish and kinder formula make it the best option for maintaining beautiful, healthy nails. Bid farewell to the inconveniences of dipping powder, and invest in a Gelous Gel Nail Polish Kit today to experience the difference for yourself - your nails will thank you!

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