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10 Must-Have Pearlescent Gel Nail Polishes for a Stunning Manicure

  • 4 min read

When it comes to Gel Nail Polish, little finishes are as mesmerising as a lustrous pearlescent.

Reminiscent of the ocean’s most precious pearls, these iridescent shades add a a striking touch of luxury and glamour to your manicure. Shimmering with every move, they catch the light like nothing else and give your nails the most graceful glow.

We’re completely obsessing over Pearlescent Gel Nail Polish and know you will be too. Whether you like pure, elegant whites or moody, mysterious purples, we've got the perfect pearlescent shades for you. Take a plunge into the wondrous world of these shimmery shades and get ready to discover the most enchanting additions to your Gel Nail Polish collection.

Pearlescent Splash Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Pearlescent Splash gel nail polish - photographed in United Kingdom on model

Ride the wave of colour with Pearlescent Splash, a glistening shade that’s sure to make a splash wherever you go. With its serene turquoise hues and delicate yellow shimmer, this Pearlescent Gel Nail Polish is sure to bring a calming oceanic vibe to your nails. Bound to turn your manicure into an oasis, once you’ve dipped your toes into the refreshing tones of Pearlescent Splash you’ll feel all your troubles float away.

Pearlescent Rose Quartz Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Pearlescent Rose Quartz gel nail polish - photographed in United Kingdom on model

Let your inner goddess sparkle through with Pearlescent Rose Quartz, a divine polish as charming as the gemstone it’s named after. A soft, shimmery pink that radiates a delicate golden glow, this romantic shade brings a touch of subtle femininity to any look. It’s pure beauty and grace with Pearlescent Rose Quartz - a real gem for your collection.


Take your pearlescent manicure to the next level with a captivating swirl effect. All you’ll need is your favourite shade and a Dotting Tool. To recreate our Pearlescent Rose Quartz swirls, watch our Youtube tutorial here.

Pearlescent Shoreline Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Pearlescent Shoreline gel nail polish - photographed in United Kingdom on model

With Pearlescent Shoreline, your nails will be transported to an idyllic seaside escape from the first coat. A polish that captures the calming essence of a day spent by the ocean, this heavenly blue-grey hue will have you dreaming of fresh ocean breezes and lapping waves within seconds. Swim deep into this breathtaking Pearlescent Gel Nail Polish and get lost in its glistening shimmer.

Pearlescent Paua Shell Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Pearlescent Paua Shell gel nail polish - photographed in United Kingdom on model

Reflecting the iridescent beauty of its namesake, Pearlescent Paua Shell is a mesmerising Gel Nail Polish that evolves with every movement. Capturing the brilliant array of colours found in these enchanting shells, the shimmery blue-green hues will captivate you as they transform under different lights. Guaranteed to take your breath away, this Pearlescent Gel Nail Polish offers you the gel manicure of your dreams.


Check out our Mini Tutorial Highlight on Instagram for a step-by-step tutorial on how to master the technique!

Pearlescent Ariel Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Pearlescent Ariel gel nail polish - photographed in United Kingdom on model

Make a splash with Pearlescent Ariel and swim deep into a majestic world of wonder. A dazzling Pearlescent Gel Nail Polish that shimmers and glimmers like a mermaid's tail gliding through the ocean water, Pearlescent Ariel is certain to bring the magic to your fingertips. Feel refreshed with its dreamy aquamarine tones and dive into total gel manicure bliss!

Pearlescent Moonstone Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Pearlescent Moonstone gel nail polish - photographed in United Kingdom on model

Bring balance and tranquility to your gel manicure with Pearlescent Moonstone, a pure-white shimmer that will have you mesmerised by its ethereal beauty. Radiating elegance, class and understated glamour, this captivating Pearlescent Gel Nail Polish may be delicate, but it sure is powerful. Once you feel the magic for yourself, this mystical shade will become your greatest treasure.

Pearlescent Ursula Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Pearlescent Ursula gel nail polish - photographed in United Kingdom on model

A bewitching purple polish with a stunning pink shine, Pearlescent Ursula will transform your nails into something truly spellbinding. Inspired by the legendary sea witch herself, this enchanting hue from our Pearlescent Gel Nail Polish range will have you feeling like the queen of the sea. Your gel manicure will be crowned for its beauty and charm!

Pearlescent Oyster Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Pearlescent Oyster gel nail polish - photographed in United Kingdom on model

Dive into the beauty of the ocean with Pearlescent Oyster, a wondrous Pearl Gel Nail Polish as dazzling as the treasures of the sea. Velvety smooth with the purest of pearl finishes, your nails will be treated to total indulgence with this precious polish. Add a dash of luxury to your look with this opulent, timeless shade.

Pearlescent Jellyfish Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Pearlescent Jellyfish gel nail polish - photographed in United Kingdom on model

Make waves with Pearlescent Jellyfish, a majestic purple Gel Nail Polish that radiates a stunning glow. Let your nails carry you to a whimsical wonderland, filled with dreamy lilac tones and delightful details that will leave you mesmerised by its beauty. With Pearlescent Jellyfish, your gel manicure will gleam like never before.

Pearlescent Seahorse Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Pearlescent Seahorse gel nail polish - photographed in United Kingdom on model

A tropical Gel Nail Polish that captures the vibrant energy of the sea, Pearlescent Seahorse will lead you straight to the beach. This cheerful, shimmery-yellow lightens up any day like a ray of sunshine and will leave you basking in its warm glow. The ultimate addition to any summer nail collection or for when your gel manicure needs a lively refresh - Pearlescent Seahorse is bound to put a smile on your face.

Feeling enchanted? Add some magic to your manicure with Gelous Pearlescent Gel Nail Polish and shimmer like never before. Show us what dazzling nails you create by tagging us on Instagram!

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