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Hailey Bieber Nails: How to Create Her Glazed Donut Nails

  • 3 min read

We're sure everyone's seen the trending Hailey Bieber "Glazed Donut" gel nails. It seems like everyone is obsessed with this iridescent, semi-opaque gel manicure and so are we! This gel manicure trend is easy to recreate with the right Gelous Gel Nail Polish, so keep reading to find how.

Recreate Hailey Bieber "Glazed Donut" Gel Nails - photographed in Australia on model

Gel Nail Polish colours needed

To start with, lets break down the products you’ll need and why.

  • Pink Rubber Base Coat: The Pink Rubber Base Coat adds the first layer of pink that is present in the manicure. Rubber Base Coat is also amazing smoothing, strengthening and thickening flaky, brittle, thin or splitting nails. It has has enhanced rubber-like qualities that allow your nails to flex without breaking.
  • Pink Builder Gel: The Pink Builder Gel not only adds strength, but it also reinforces the pink undertones in this gel manicure. Builder Gel is harder and thicker than our other Gel Nail Polishes, so will decrease nail flexibility and bending, helping your Gel Nail Polish last longer.
  • Swan Lake Gel Nail Polish: This milky-white, semi-opaque shade creates the see through, white effect on the nails.
  • Snow Place Like Home Gel Nail Polish: This semi-opaque shimmer with a white base gives more coverage, while adding that all-important white chrome effect.
  • Top Coat: Top Coat finishes off your gel manicure and adds that extra shine to top off your flawless Hailey Bieber manicure.

Prepping your nails

Now you know what products you’ll need to create this gel manicure, let's talk preparation of the nails. If you’re wanting it to look exactly like Hailey's, you’ll need to shape your nails into an almond shape if they are long enough. To do this use a nail clipper to cut the sides of your nails, then file each side towards the middle using the fine side of the Gelous Nail File. Make sure you’re not filing too much on one side and that the sides are even. Next, softly buff the nail bed with the fine side Nail File to create an even, matte surface for the Pink Rubber Base Coat layer to adhere to. Make sure to take care and buff as close to the cuticles and sides as possible prevent any premature lifting from happening. Wipe your nails down with a Lint Free Wipe soaked in Nail Polish Remover, then brush on our Nail Primer. This will dehydrate the nail bed and clear off any natural oils and moisture from hands and cuticles create. This is a vital step in all gel manicures, as any dust or oils left behind on the nails can negatively impact the way your gel manicure applies and lasts.

Applying your Gel Nail Polish

Now let's get down to the exciting part, the Gel Nail Polish application! When applying all your coats, always cap the free edge of the nail and leave a small gap between the Gel Nail Polish and your cuticle. Aim to avoid getting any Gel Nail Polish on your skin or cuticle, however if you do, remove it with an Orangewood Cuticle Stick before curing. Your Base Coat and Colour Coat should remain a little sticky after curing, so that when you apply the following layer it sticks to the layer below.

  • Start out by applying a thin layer of Pink Rubber Base Coat, curing for 60 seconds under the UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp.
  • Then add 1-2 coats of Pink Builder Gel on top to get that natural pink tinged base and cure after each coat. Thin coats of Builder Gel are vital, as it is a thick, hard gel that if it is applied poorly can look bulky and flood your nail bed.
  • Now it’s time for Swan Lake Gel Nail Polish, which creates that perfect semi-opaque white. Apply a 1-2 thin coats, then cure for 60 seconds after each coat.
  • Following this, apply a thin coat of Snow Place Like Home Gel Nail Polish to give your nails a pearlescent white sheen that makes the nails look ethereal and glazed-donut-like. Cure each coat of this for 60 seconds.
  • The last step is to apply our Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds to finish your gel manicure. Use the standard Top Coat or Clear Rubber Top Coat - either will work just great!

Recreate Hailey Bieber "Glazed Donut" Gel Nails - photographed in Europe on model

Voila, you have recreated the stunning Hailey Bieber "Glazed Donut" gel manicure! We hope this blog has given you everything you need to create this iconic look. Be sure to share your recreations - we'd love to see!

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